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BPO Services

TechnoR Solutions operates on a multi shift basis, 24x7, state-of-the-art, multi channel integrated call & contact center located in Chennai, India. We are a group of dedicated people who are committed to outlive customer expectations who aim to

TechnoR is a leading Business Process Outsourcing company that provides turn-key BPO solutions to various business Units, Banking & Finance, Technology, Sourcing Houses etc.

TechnoR's solutions and services are designed to provide its clients:

We view ourselves as growth drivers rather than just outsourcing partners of our clients. Injecting predictability in each aspect of our operations, we offer top-of-the-line solutions that are marked with consistency, reliability and quality.

In today's highly competitive world, quality organization in the truest sense can only extend you the requisite services and solutions that can accomplish all the goals you aim at. TechnoR, the hub of quality practices, processes and systems, has come to the fore as Content Management, Consulting, Outsourcing and offshore BPO services and solutions provider to a diverse customer base across continents.

TechnoR focus on integrated, end-to-end BPO solutions allows us to support the complete customer lifecycle in our chosen market segments. With a long list of satisfied clients, TechnoR is is committed to guarding your brand and maintaining your corporate goals - offering you the best value for your outsourcing investment.

TechnoR Specialized in the following area:

Voice Non-Voice
Customer care Data Entry And Processing
Telemarketing Data Conversion
Technical helpdesk Scanning, OCR With Editing And Indexing Services
Back office operation Insurance Claim Processing
Email & Chat support Check Processing/ Credit Card Processing

Data processing/conversion

This involves extracting data from printed and hand written documents using electronic system.

Converting data from one format to another. E.g. PDF to Word.

Converting data on paper into desired electronic format.

This involves manual data punching from printed and handwritten documents.

It could be on web or local database.

Collecting/slicing data and storing it in a predefined format [database] which can be used to produce useful reports.

Chat & Email Support: Providing customer support through Chat AND Email. And also Non-voice support being provided using chat tools.

Inbound/Outbound Sales Corporate advertise their product in various mediums [print, air, internet etc]. Prospective customers respond to that advertise-ment and call centers try to fulfill the order

Document Indexing Services

We provide you with the best solutions to your document management and information retrieval at a very competitive price. Our Indexing services deal with different documents like Library Book indexing, Manuals, Journals, Catalogs, Medical records, Legal document indexing etc.

We adopt proven methods or process in indexing, categorization, information retrieval, archiving, and document conversion with our team of experienced professionals.

Documents are digitized and stored. However, the retrieval of documents, based upon key information, is of prime importance to complete the entire Digital Document Management Cycle. It can be in the form of images and cannot be searched in the form of keywords. Then, the big question is about information retrieval.

We have the answer. Indexing. Indexing is a technique by which vital information in these documents is captured and entered into a Document Management System or a database of any sort.

Document Scanning, Document and Information Retrieval, Document Archiving, Electronic Document Management, Categorization, Full Text Indexing, Data Conversion.

TechnoR Scanning Services

Scanning is a process of converting documents, records or any type of paper (hard copy) into electronic format (soft copy) by utilizing the state-of-the-art scanners available with TechnoR. The document (hard copy) may be of various size ranging from A8 to A0.

Constant investment in advanced systems enables us to perform image enhancements including automatic de-skewing and sizing. Our scanners are capable of scanning bitonal, color, or grayscale or a combination of these up to 1200 dpi. They also scan both sides of a sheet simultaneously. The final output of the scanned documents can be delivered through CD-ROM, DVD, FTP or hosted on the web as per the client Requirement.

TechnoR has scanned CFA documents of Major Mobile Services providers covering Tamil Nadu and converted them in to digital images. Our document conversion process is perfectly designed to provide the utmost safety in handling your original document.

Our process Flow:


After the completion of the above process we send our final data to our quality control team, our QC team will check the data for final output with raw data and if any image are found not satisfying the quality, immediately those files are deleted and are sent for rescanning. Once again all the above process is done and the image are added to the file at the right place and then passed on to the Final Inspection. The final inspector check image for quality, clarity, sharpness, image sequences, appearances and pass on the final output data to the client in the required format(.PDF, .JPEG, .TIFF).

TechnoR is committed to providing the highest Quality Project Management, SAP Support Services & Training, Web development on PHP, Engineering Services & Consulting ser-vices to our customers by:

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