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Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, has captured the attention of many leading companies who are making significant investments of money and time to integrate this technology in their operations. The goal is to leverage internal infrastructures to capture and share real-time business information across entire enterprises. RFID technology is an ideal solution to keep track of and monitor the production process, including material handling and storage operations. An RFID system integrated into existing IT infrastructure can monitor and control the processing steps in conjunction with the centralized ERP system.

TechnoR has mastered the RFID Technology and provides the best solutions including Analytics.

TechnoR provides RFID Services in the Following Area:

uCAAT - Universal Cataloguing Auto Analytic Tool
uCAAT has a built-in Cataloguing System and connects with RFID System and produces the required data in an Analytical form.
uCAAT is web based software where it captures the Asset/Product/Components details like description, Model, Part number, technical specifications and provides a logical code with structured Description. This functionality is merged with RFID technology where the movements of the Asset/Product/Components can be captured automatically & contactless and reported on real time basis. The outcome of the data captured by RFID is transformed by preforming analytics into MIS reports & Dash boards for the management.
Analytics module offers a powerful analysis of complex situations and aid in right, real-time and relevant management decisions. Performance dashboards for various levels of management and scientific approach to major decisions are the hallmarks of UCAAT Analytics module
As described above, the following modules are integrated within the system uCAAT
1. Cataloguing Module
2. RFID Technology Module
3. Analytics Module
uCAAT – Cataloguing Module
A powerful web based Asset/Product/Components coding, cataloguing and standardization tool which can be interfaced or integrated with any systems. UCAAT is a web client & server side application using .net technology with SQL or ORACLE server database. The application generates a complete and comprehensive noun-modifier catalogue in a very user friendly environment. It provides a logical coding assignment and also the classification of Asset/Product/Components by international described attributes.
The Cataloguing system is capable of automatic item classification, unlimited editing capabilities and “real-time” integration with ERP system. With Automatic Product Classification, users can quickly categorize content from multiple sources into any standardized, internal schema or our LICS (Logical Intelligent Codification System).
uCAAT – RFID Technology Module
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless technology capable of identifying and counting a diverse range of object without contact or line of sight.
RFID technology reads the already coded & catalogued Asset/Product/Component movements on real time basis and helps the organization by providing the visibility by enabling to automate physical asset inventories, track the movements and monitor in real-time for security and safekeeping.
uCAAT – Analytics Module
The tagged Asset/Product/Components when comes in contact within the RFID antenna range it captures the movement and passed on to the RFID – Reader where in turn provides the information to system. These data is analyzed by the Analytics Module.
Analytics module offers a powerful analysis of complex situations and aid in right, real-time, triggering alarms and relevant management decisions. Performance dashboards for various levels of management and scientific approach to major decisions are the hallmarks of UCAAT Analytics module.
TechnoR’s uCAAT is complete solution to maintain details and track your movable Asset / Product/ Components, to help you to report on real-time basis by providing comprehensive management analytical reports.
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